The Startup Idea Bank

A collection of current startup concepts provided by potential investors designed to stimulate great teams with new, relevant, scalable ideas.

Location Independent

Company teams do not need to be located in New York City during the program.

Global Scale

A global approach to identify needed resources from all over the world.

Operationally Focused

Scaling revenues through effective distribution, Business-to-Business product/service synergies, global sourcing and strategic alliances.

Running and scaling a company can be a lonely endeavor.
Believers are scarce while criticism, empty ideas, and detractors are many. The right Catalyst at the right time makes all the difference.
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You have a great business idea and a great team but what catalysts do you need to scale the way you want?

Prequalification Phase

Companies admitted into The Catalysts Guild will go through a rigorous multi-phase prequalification process designed to identify those with the highest probability of success.

No “Seat” Minimum or Maximum

We are not location dependent. Only the most qualified companies will be admitted. We do not have a set number of “seats” to fill or a maximum.

Global Reach For Companies

No matter where a company team is located, they can be a candidate for The Catalysts Guild.

Global Reach for Partners

Distribution, accounting, legal, hosting, software development, manufacturing, and more…will be sourced from all over the world to accelerate company growth in the most efficient, economical, and high-quality way possible.

Business Model/Operational Focus

Great logos, T-shirts, and demo day presentations are important but The Catalysts Guild will be focused on getting each company on the road to sustainable profits as quickly as possible.


We use strict guidelines to select companies then use a flexible funding/valuation criterion along with a flexible acceleration plan tailored to each company.


Based on the company’s tier classification, the company will be required to attend various in-person or online workshops and meetings to build their team’s skills and fine-tune their concept.

Post Incubator Support

After a company completes our accelerator period we will work with the company to set goals, provide needed follow on support, and track progress.

Global Startup Marketplace

Assures the maximum number of potential investors know about your company and have an opportunity to participate in the next round of funding.

Late Night Food Orders
Cups of coffee consumed
Prototypes Attempted
Lines of code written.

Flexible, Focussed, Effective!

From gathering potential company proposals to “demo day” and beyond we will follow a flexible process to accelerate company growth and equip companies for a successful next phase.

The key is to tailor the company acceleration process to the company team’s needs and capabilities.

The Catalysts Guild Acceleration Process