Global Outsourcing Network

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Our Story

Distribution, accounting, legal, web service hosting, software development, manufacturing, and more… can be sourced from all over the world to incubate and accelerate your company in the most efficient, economical, and high-quality way possible. We call on essential resources where ever they are located with the goal of identifying the best catalyst to launch and grow your company quickly and economically.

The Catalysts Guild will work with you to identify your business processes elements that can be outsourced so your team can focus on the unique items where you bring the most value. Why spend time on tasks that do not reflect your true value proposition when those tasks can be easily done by others?


Vedder Price

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VP Locations

Our Story

Vedder Price is a thriving 300-plus lawyer firm serving dynamic clients locally, nationally and globally from offices in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We deliver a unique mix of best-in-class legal and business skills in private equity, M&A, global transportation and commercial finance, commercial litigation, intellectual property, patents, executive compensation and employment counseling. The Vedder approach is highly practical, responsive, results-driven and efficient.

Important Disclosures


Sett & Lucas

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Our Story

Sett & Lucas offers global M&A and capital raising services to Technology & Business Services verticals for lower- middle market companies.

Leveraging on a global footprint with offices in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, India, San Jose, California and New York City, our veteran investment bankers help companies realize value by exploring strategic options beyond borders. Deal making in hi-tech industries require bankers with domain expertise in addition to financial re-engineering. Given the global structure of the business, historically, most of the transactions have been cross border in nature. The need of the hour is a specialized cross border financial institution with global foot print and vertical focus.

Sett & Lucas caters to this niche segment in the investment banking landscape and provides highest global visibility to even the smallest asset in order to unlock the highest possible value. We also specialize in helping large domestic corporation to expand globally by acquiring niche assets in emerging and developed economies.

Sett & Lucas manages AKKER Venture Incubation Fund (AVIF), investing capital in high growth, early stage companies that operate in Europe-India, US-India cross border corridor. Our framework is to leverage the local insight of our investment professionals, collaborating across the firms investment disciplines from deal sourcing and due diligence through portfolio company development. The result: a broader view of potential investment opportunities and deeper level of expertise, creating value for the portfolio companies that translates into superior returns for AVF investors.

AVIF focuses on building businesses over the long-term, typically holding investments for a period of 3 to 5 years. These investments are typically made in companies with the following characteristics

  • Small & medium sized companies with revenues between $250K to 3Mn
  • Ideas originating out of US, Europe, or India
  • Strong business fundamentals with strong pipeline
  • Outstanding management team.
  • Enterprise Services with an intellectual property framework
  • Cross border labor arbitrage
  • Team with strong business development and lead generation skills
  • Services targeted at fortune and mid market firms
  • Fueling next generation needs of global corporations

Whether you are a current or a prospective investor, a business owner, an intermediary with a business to discuss, or a manager looking for a partner, Sett Lucas may be the right partner for you.

Sett & Lucas provides an unique platform for the Foreign Institutional Investors to invest into the equity markets of emerging economies

Sett & Lucas offers full financial service capability, which includes derivatives, facilitating market access through affiliates and the distinctive offering of the corporate access to investors. Sett & Lucas provides secondary market broking services for the institutional investors in Indian equity market. This service is offered in association with Anagram, one of the top 5 brokerage house in India backed by SBI custodial services, a subsidiary of the country’s largest bank.

The Sett & Lucas research desk comprises of analysts engaged in macro-economic studies, industry-and company-specific equity research and provides strong and sound fundamental and technical based research recommendations to clients. The research team take’s pride in being the one of the top 5 FII focussed brokerage service to provide “independent research”. Anagram Capital Ltd has been providing capital market services for the past 15 years with a nation wide presence through its 169 branches, 1,360 sub-brokers, 2,556 terminals and a professional team of 2,000 plus employees spread across major metros and states in the country. SBI Custodial Services Pvt Ltd, is a joint venture between State Bank of India (SBI) and Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS), part of Société Générale Group. It offers custodial services to institutional investors in India and abroad, clearing about an average of $50million transactions a day.

The consortium takes pride in its strong client relationships, high-quality executions, comprehensive reporting and the ability to provide independent research to the institutional investment community. The Institutional trading desk, through its traders with extensive market experience offers unparalleled trading in large sized blocks as well as small-sized order flow.


Regus Global Office Solutions

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How We Can Help You…

For more than two decades, Regus has been helping businesses of all kinds to work more effectively, in the way that suits them. The company now has 2,000 business centres in 750 cities all over the world.

Since 1989, Regus has consistently developed its portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of our customers to work however, whenever, wherever. We will continue to invent our future and remain at the forefront of providing quality products and services.

We will continue to invent our future and remain at the forefront of providing quality products and services.

Everything you need to get started… We know that start-up companies need to stay flexible and keep overheads low in order to succeed. We also know you want to be taken seriously. So we have a range of products and services designed to help you set up quickly, easily and at the right price, while still projecting a professional image. Whether you need a private or shared office, a virtual office or just some extra support, Regus can help you – and at a price that won’t eat into your cash flow.

Workplaces – All the space you need to work your way – in offices, from home or on the move.

Coworking – Stay connected and effective, wherever you choose to work.

Meeting Facilities – Connect with the people who matter most to your business.

Business Services – Save time to concentrate on business.

Support Services – Join Regus and become part of a huge network of businesses, plus make savings via the Purchasing Group.


Go Daddy

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What Can Go Daddy Do For Your Business?

Life online starts with a domain name.

That’s where domain name registrars like GoDaddy come in. Over 12 million people trust us to make them look like rock stars on the web, starting with fast, efficient domain name registration. Then we load them up with everything they need to build and manage an online business. Everything.

The world’s leading domain name registrar since 2005, GoDaddy offers the web’s widest selection of domain names plus a user-friendly Website Builder, affordable hosting, security tools and more. We’re your one-stop web shop.

Don’t understand domains, building websites or hosting? Our support team is here around the clock to talk you through it. Seriously, you should call them – (480) 505-8877. They’ll help you find the right name, build a website, create an Online Store – even list it on top search engines so you can Get Found by customers.

Still reading? Why? You could be registering a domain and launching an empire. Or possibly improving the speed and reliability of a website you already have (we’re not just the #1 domain name registrar, we’re tops in hosting, too). So get going.

This is your moment.



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Who We Are

Growing global entrepreneurs through competitions

YouNoodle helps startup founders get advice, prizes, and opportunities from our network of startup competitions. Having run over 400 different contests and challenges, we try to learn more about our entrepreneurs and introduce them to opportunities unavailable to most. We connect entrepreneurs with advisors and investors, and we fast-track startups into accelerators and other programs.

You can use our technology, too

We work with universities, accelerators, corporations, as well as governments. Some use our judging platform to accept, screen and evaluate applicants for competitions or accelerators. Others tap into our global network of talent in order to do brand or technology engagement. We also help governments and corporations on implementing entrepreneurship programs. Clients include Stanford BASES, Amazon Web Services, Start-Up Chile, and the Intel Foundation. Contact us to find out how we can work together.

We’re a startup ourselves

YouNoodle was founded by Rebeca Hwang and Torsten Kolind in 2010, funded by an international group of business angels. The company was spun off an ambitious project started by Bob Goodson and Kirill Makharinsky in 2007 with support from Peter Thiel (Founders Fund), Max Levchin (PayPal) and Charles Lho (Amicus Group), our founding investor and Chairman of YouNoodle today. This project also spawned Quid (Goodson) and indirectly Ostrovok (Makharinsky). YouNoodle is run by a dedicated team of 10 different nationalities, all based in YouNoodle’s eclectic basement office in SOMA, San Francisco.